Sunday, June 13, 2010


The Skyline Power Equipments was established on 23rd November 2000(23-11-2000). The Tin Number for this company is 33342121731.This Company is found by V.Nagaraj and N.Sangeetha. The status of this company is partnership.

Now also the partners for this company are V.Nagaraj and N.sangeetha. The Profit and Loss ratio between partners is fifty, fifty (50%, 50%).Skyline Power Equipments company is situated at 4th floor,V.R.Arcade 295 Dr. Nanjappa road, coimbatore-641018.The Nature of the company is manufacturing Domestic and Commercial Automatic Pressure Booster Pump.

The company marketing is only domestic. The company did not do any export. The marketing is Direct Client marketing and also there is some Distributor appointments marketing. The total number of employee in this company is 17.For door service 5 employees, marketing 3 employees, production 5 employees, administrative 4 employees.

Manufacturing process:

During manufacturing they perform the following activities. The manufacturing process is Steam assembly line process or serial process. The Activities are

  • Purchasing the aluminium motor body which is available as ready made or they order the esign of the motor body according to that supplier will produce the motor body.
  • Purchasing of copper wire and Rotar stampings.
  • Copper wire will coiled according to the HP (Horse Power) HP may be differing from 0.5HP to 4HP.
  • Fitting the copper wire with Rotar stamping and also fitted with motor body.
  • They fix automatic tool kit and check out the quality and fixing method
  • They make a demo with the motor and the pump to check the pressure.
  • Finally they packed the product using proper cardboard box.

Purpose of saving power:

There is a tank fitted above the pump for saving power. Suppose if the tap is not closed properly at that time the pump will not run till the water in the tank goes down. The capacity of the tank may be differing from 20 to 1000 liters. The price of the pump differs according to the capacity of the tank.

Pump price:

The price of the 0.5HP pump is Rs7500. It is suitable for 1 bathroom. The bathroom can contain 1 shower, 1 mixer,1 wash passion. Suppose the customer wants the tank provision then the price increase according to the tank capacity. The price of the 4HP pump is Rs50000 without tank provision.